Size chart:
  • Mineral size: ø8 mm
  • Coated with silver-gloss, skin-friendly nickel.
  • Consider the size of the minerals to choose the perfect size. For comfortable wearing, it is recommended to add an extra centimeter to your wrist size.
  • Snowflake: Snowflakes symbolize purity, perfection and individuality. There are no two snowflakes, as no two people in the world. These symbols remind us that beauty and uniqueness are important values.
Faceted Cracked Crystal:

The most effective healing and energy-boosting crystal. IIt helps focus and frees up memories. It is also great for removing your blocks. It has a beneficial effect on all our chakras. It reduces the symptoms of depression, calms the nerves. Enhances the effect of all other minerals.

Silver Hematite:

Hematite "builds" a protective barrier around us, which on the one hand helps to move around the world more boldly and purposefully, and on the other hand makes it more resistant to external influences. It increases self-esteem and ability to survive, increases willpower and reliability, gives confidence. Blood circulation repair.

Red Howlit:

“The Secret Miner of Weight Loss” It is soothing and teaches patience and helps to eliminate rage and uncontrollable anger. It is considered a stone for those who struggling with weight problems as it helps in weight loss and purification. It lends calmness and patience, teaches the owner to listen to others, deepens her love for on herself/herself and others. It attracts physical, emotional, and spiritual poisons, helping us to become as pure and clear as it is. Such detoxification relaxes the spirit and soul, leading to greater serenity and contemplative behavior. It helps us to accept and love ourselves again. Improves diplomatic skills and foresight. It helps the development of independence, it encourages us to manage our lives independently and to be attentive. It helps to relax.

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