Its original meaning means the hands of five, also known as gods. According to their creed, the amulet protects us from any malicious intent directed at us. It provides powerful protection against evil, evil, palpitations, and negative thoughts.

It is a symbol of water, creation, the universe and the soul, the birth of life, the unfolding of the germ hiding in the dark depths, the birthplace of demigods, eternal life, spiritual development. In India, the lotus is considered the noblest of flowers, with a special name for the bud, the blooming and flowering lotus, which is both a symbol of the past, present and future, and thus a passing time. It also symbolizes that anything can be defeated with perseverance.

The ancient voice is the mother of all the mantras with which the universe was created. It has been used in Hinduism from the beginning as a primary symbol. Blessing and peace to all living beings.

Representation of the Buddha of Prosperity, Abundance, Cheerfulness and Good Luck. It spread mainly in China. Bald, his big belly is a sign of wealth and authority, he will often hold a sack in which to bring his treasures. It is believed that caressing your head or belly can attract good energies.

The very meaning of the word Buddha is: awakened, enlightened. A being who is freed from the constraints of the material world and has attained a state of perfect consciousness free from confusion and impurities. Buddha realized that it is golden mean the most successful way of life.

The unstoppable warrior before whom there is no physical or mental obstacle. You always reach your goal.

In Buddhism, the lion appears as the protector of the Dharma, the universal law.
The lion is one of the most powerful Buddhist symbols. Traditionally, the lion has symbolized strength and power, so in Buddhism, the lion refers to the person of the Buddha who was born a prince. (Power, Pride, Strength, Trust, Protection, Loyalty)

The endless development and continual destruction of the world, the inseparability of life and death. It symbolizes knowledge that survives death.

It is a symbol of purity and innocence. At the same time, it is a symbol of protection and assistance. We always have our guardian angel with us, watching our every move and taking care of us.