Privilege 925 Saint Christopher Rosary - Garnet - Silver Hematite

Size chart:
  • Made of specially lined, selected minerals fedge gem St. Christopher rosary.
  • With 925 silver accessory.
  • Mineral size: ø8 mm and ø4 mm.
  • St. Christopher: The patron saint of sailors, motorists, motorcyclists and travelers. Carrying the rosary with us provides protection and assistance during our travels.

Efficient energy recharger and regenerator. It awakens love and affection. We are very useful in a crisis. It provides help, especially in situations that seem hopeless, or when life falls apart or trauma occurs. It gives courage and faith in seemingly hopeless situations. Eliminates inhibitions and taboos. It opens your heart and gives you confidence.

Silver Hematite:
Hematite "builds" a protective barrier around us, which on the one hand helps to move around the world more boldly and purposefully, and on the other hand makes it more resistant to external influences. It increases self-esteem and ability to survive, increases willpower and reliability, gives confidence. Blood circulation repair.

Silver helps the so-called. on lunar disease and sleepwalking. It increases our adaptability and the speed of our reactions.

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