Privilege 925 - "Big Boy 10mm" -Matte Onyx-Tiger's Eye -Lava Stone-Silver Hematite

Size chart:
  • Mineral size: ø10 mm
  • Semi-precious stone bracelet with 925 silver accessory.
  • ø10 mm black zirconia.
  • Consider the size of the minerals to choose the perfect size. For comfortable wearing, it is recommended to add an extra centimeter to your wrist size.
  • The size of the jewelry shown in the picture is L.
  • Lotus: The symbol of the waters, the creation, the universe and the soul, the birth of life, the unfolding of the germ hiding in the dark depths, the birthplace of demigods, eternal life, spiritual development. In India, the lotus is considered the noblest of flowers, with a special name for the bud, the blooming and flowering lotus, which is both a symbol of the past, present and future, and thus a passing time. It also symbolizes that anything can be defeated with perseverance.
Tiger eye:

It facilitates the achievement of goals, helps us recognize our internal power reserves and ensures pure intent. Promotes "clear" eyesight. It corrects the consequences of self-esteem disorders, self-criticism, and blocked creativity. It relieves depression and reveals mood. The mineral of success.

Matt Ónix:

Unleash the spiritual block! It helps to get over old grievances more easily. A protective mineral that protects against negative energies. Onyx moves forward in time and gives a glimpse into the future. Enhances vitality, consistency and endurance. It is confidential and supports us not to tell us our plans. It recognizes and unites the duality within us. It endows us with the invaluable ability to make wise decisions.

Lava stone:

Lava stone has an energizing effect. It detoxifies and cleanses the cells. It has a general refreshing and soothing effect. It increases blood circulation, detoxifies and relaxes muscles. It helps with insomnia and has an extremely good effect on the skin. It has a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system. It can be used to increase self-esteem, expressiveness, and the ability to love. It has a protective effect against negative energies. It helps clear thinking, dispels pessimistic thoughts.


Silver Hematite:
Hematite "builds" a protective barrier around us, which on the one hand helps to move around the world more boldly and purposefully, and on the other hand makes it more resistant to external influences. It increases self-esteem and ability to survive, increases willpower and reliability, gives confidence. Blood circulation repair.

Silver helps the so-called. on lunar disease and sleepwalking. It increases our adaptability and the speed of our reactions.


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