Size chart:
  • Mineral size: ø8 mm
  • Plated with 22 carat gold.
  • Consider the size of the minerals to choose the perfect size. For comfortable wearing, it is recommended to add an extra centimeter to your wrist size.
  • Buddha: The very meaning of the word Buddha is: awakened, enlightened. A being who is freed from the constraints of the material world and has attained a state of perfect consciousness free from confusion and impurities. Buddha realized that the golden mean is the most successful way of life.

Unleash the spiritual block! It helps to get over old grievances more easily. A protective mineral that protects against negative energies. Onyx moves forward in time and gives a glimpse into the future. Enhances vitality, consistency and endurance. It is confidential and supports us not to tell us our plans. It recognizes and unites the duality within us. It endows us with the invaluable ability to make wise decisions.



“Gold of Fools” Dispels anxiety and frustration, boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. It develops memory, creates a balance between instinct and intuition, creativity and analytical ability. increases energy, eliminates exhaustion. We can recognize new hopes and paths and increase our zest for life.

Cat's eye:

It strengthens motivation and helps to overcome negative thoughts. Protects against curses and bad wishes. It helps to deal with our fears more easily. It helps to see more clearly the obstacles ahead.


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