Data protection

Data controller

The data controller is Presonores Kft. (1089 Budapest, Vajda Péter utca. 43 / A Ground floor 6; Cg. 01-09-947931; hereinafter: Data controller), who CXII. in accordance with the provisions of sends cookies to users' computers. Cookies are not used by for business purposes and are required to display certain elements of

Duration of data management

The Data Controller stores the previously listed data for 2 months from the date of their creation.

Access to managed data

Only the data controller's employees have access to the user's personal data. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties by the Data Controller. The Data Provider transmits the necessary personal data of the Customer to the partners used for the performance of the contract.

The user has the right to change the entered data.

User rights to the processing of personal data

Presonores Kft. Stores the data provided by you only for the purpose of fulfilling the order, later proving the order conditions and sending a newsletter. We will not pass on your data to third parties unless it acts as our subcontractor to perform the contract, e.g. courier service, Posta, who is not entitled to use, store or pass on the data received from Presonores Kft. to third parties in any form. When processing your data, we act in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Disclosure of Data of Public Interest.


Users may submit their claim arising from the infringing nature of the processing of personal data in accordance with Act CXII of 2011. may be enforced in civil proceedings or before the Data Protection Commissioner in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

If you have any concerns about the processing of your personal data, please contact the LbH Design team first!


The purpose of data management is to send e-mail newsletters, including commercial advertising, to interested parties, to display personalized marketing messages on third parties, and to personalize the newsletters, provide information on current information, promotions, direct marketing inquiries, make personalized offers, and keep in touch. The range of data processed: ID number, date, time, e-mail address, name, gender, IP address of the user's computer and consent to the direct marketing request, and the system stores analytical data related to the sending and delivery of messages (eg posting). and opening, date and time of click on the link in the letter, reason for non-delivery).

Ownership of the information:
  • - We declare that Presonores Kft. Owns the information on our website. The content and design of are protected by international and Hungarian law. It is also forbidden to sell, change or republish any information or articles from us. We reserve all further rights to the published material and, if necessary, enforce it in court.
  • - Anyone who visits our web store will consider our privacy statement to be acceptable.
  • - Name of the service provider: Presonores Kft
  • - The registered office of the service provider: 1089 Budapest, Vajda Péter utca. 43 / A Ground floor 6
  • - Contact details of the service provider, regular e-mail address for contacting customers:
  • - Company registration number of the service provider: 01-09-947931
  • - Service provider's tax number: 22990569-2-42
  • - Name of the authority registering in the register: Metropolitan Court as Registry Court
  • - Telephone number of the service provider: +36/30 399-4049
  • - Language of the contract: Hungarian



Effective from 05.25, 2018

General provisions


PRESONORES Trading and Service Limited Liability Company. headquarter:  1089 Budapest Vajda Péter utca 43 / A. fszt 6., Tax number: 22990569-2-42 Company registration number: 01-09-947931 as the website operated by the Data Controller at and the websites available at the other addresses specified therein (hereinafter: “website”). ”), The user shall act in accordance with these Privacy and Data Management Regulations and the Prospectus in all data management of natural persons (the“ Customer ”).
By accessing the website and using the website, the Customer agrees to be bound by the provisions of these regulations.
The purpose of the Regulation is to define the scope of personal data processed by the Data Controller, the method of data processing, and to ensure the enforcement of the constitutional principles of data protection and data management and data security requirements. , or during treatment.

1. Interpretative provisions

1.1. Data controller: a natural or legal person, or an entity without legal personality, which, alone or in association with others, determines the purposes for which the data are processed, makes decisions on the processing (including the means used) or implements them with the processor.

1.2. Data handling: any operation or set of operations on data, regardless of the procedure used, in particular the collection, recording, recording, organization, storage, modification, use, interrogation, transmission, disclosure, reconciliation or linking, blocking, erasure and destruction of data, and prevent the further use of data, take photographs, sound or images, and record physical features such as fingerprints or palmprints, DNA samples, irises.

1.3. Personal data: data relating to the data subject, in particular the name, identification mark and knowledge of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identities of the data subject, and a conclusion to be drawn from the data concerning the data subject.

1.4. Contribution: a voluntary and unambiguous declaration of the data subject's consent, based on adequate information, giving his or her unambiguous consent to the processing of personal data concerning him or her, in full or in part.

1.5. Data processing: the performance of technical tasks related to data management operations, regardless of the method and means used to perform the operations and the place of application, provided that the technical task is performed on the data.

1.6. Data processor: the natural or legal person or entity without legal personality who processes data under a contract, including a contract concluded in accordance with the law.

1.7. Affected: any natural person identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, by personal data.

2. Name of the data controller :
Company name: Presonores Kft
Headquarter:  1089 Budapest Vajda Péter utca 43 / A. fszt 6..Tax number: 22990569-2-42
Company Registration Number: 01-09-947931Email:
3. Natural and legal persons entitled to access the data, the data processor: The data is not published by the management of the Data Controller specified in the Articles of Association and the SZMSZ of the Data Controller.

4. Scope of personal data processed

This policy only covers the processing of personal data, given that personal data can only be interpreted in relation to natural persons. The Website also provides content that can be accessed by any Internet user without registration. However, some of its content services and newsletter features are only available to registered users. A registered user may be the person authorized by the Data Controller in accordance with its own internal regulations. The registration process is free.
4.1. During registration, the Customer must provide the following personal data: -
Name of client,
His e-mail address,
Password invented by the customer.
4.2. The database of (hereinafter: the Website) stores the Customer's data in order to provide the free services provided through registration, and the data controller is not entitled to pass them on for advertising or other purposes without the Customer's express consent.
4.3. During visits to the Website, we send one or more cookies - a small packet of information that the server sends to the browser and then the browser returns to the server each time a request is made to the server - through which its browser is uniquely identified. will be identifiable. These cookies are used solely to improve the user experience, automate the login process, and measure the effectiveness of our advertising activities.
4.4. During the handling of the Customer's personal data, the Service Provider complies with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination. law. 4.5. The Customer is entitled to disable data processing at any time.
5. Legal basis, method and purpose of data processing
5.1. The legal basis for data management is the voluntary consent of the Customer. The consent is given by the Customer by expressly accepting the above-mentioned data protection policy regarding the handling of the data indicated above - by ticking the relevant box - or by using the Website, registering and voluntarily providing the data in question. In connection with the newsletter, the Customer gives his express and voluntary consent to the Data Controller sending news and information related to the Website to the e-mail address provided by the Customer during registration by ticking the relevant box.
5.2. The purpose of data management is to provide the content service and other information related to it and the operation of the Data Management Association. The Service Provider stores the data provided by the Customer for a specific purpose. By registering on the website, you consent to the use of your personal data for the following purposes: - newsletter service - content service
5.3. The method of using the e-mail addresses (e-mail addresses) provided during registration by the data controller is as follows: the e-mail addresses are used to identify the customer, to contact the customer during the use of the services, and to send a newsletter to the customer. The data controller provides the customer with information about the services provided in electronic form by e-mail. With the express consent of the customer, the data controller will send newsletters containing information about the content of the Website and the organization of the exercises to the e-mail address provided during registration. The data controller only sends newsletters to its customers who have given their express consent to this in the menu item for this purpose.
5.4. The Customer may unsubscribe from the newsletter service at any time, free of charge and without justification. You can unsubscribe in one step by clicking on the link in the newsletter, or you can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to the Data Controller. In this case, the Data Controller shall immediately delete the Customer's data from its records.
5.5. The purpose of the use of the telephone number provided by the Customer by the data controller is as follows: it serves for contact purposes during the process.
5.6. We process the Customer's data only with data processing performed with a computer device. The purpose of the automatically recorded data is the production of statistics, the technical development of the IT system, and the protection of users' rights. The data to be recorded automatically is as follows:
the dynamic IP address of the client computer,
depending on the settings of the customer's computer, the type of operating system and browser of the customer's computer, the customer's activity in connection with the Website.
The use of this data is for technical purposes on the one hand - e.g. secure operation of the servers, subsequent verification, on the other hand, the Data Controller uses this data to compile page usage statistics and analyze user needs in order to improve the quality of services. The above data is not suitable for the identification of the customer, and the Service Provider does not link them with other personal data.
5.7. The data controller may not use the personal data provided for purposes other than those described in these sections. The disclosure of personal data to third parties or authorities is only possible with the prior express consent of the user, unless otherwise required by law.
5.8. The data controller does not check the personal data provided to him. The person who provided the data is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. By providing an e-mail address to any Customer, you are also responsible for ensuring that you are the only one using the service from the e-mail address provided. In view of this responsibility, all responsibility for logging in to a given email address rests solely with the user who registered the email address.
6. Duration of data management
6.1. The processing of the data required during registration starts with the registration and lasts until it is deleted. In the case of non-mandatory data, the data processing lasts from the date of providing the data until the deletion of the data in question. The registered Customer can initiate the change or deletion of the data recorded during the registration in the "My Account" after logging in.
6.2. The above provisions do not affect the fulfillment of retention obligations specified in legislation (eg accounting legislation).
7. Persons entitled to access the data
7.1. The data is primarily accessible to the Data Controller and the Data Controller's internal employees, however, they are not published or passed on to third parties.
7.2. In the framework of the operation of the underlying IT system, the fulfillment of orders and the settlement of settlements, the Data Controller may use a data processor (eg system operator, accountant). The controller is not responsible for the data management practices of such third parties.
7.3. In addition to the above, the transfer of personal data concerning the Customer may only take place in cases specified by law or with the consent of the Customer.
8. Customer Rights
8.1. The Customer has the right to request information about the personal data processed by the Data Controller at any time, and may change them at any time. Customer is also entitled to request the deletion of its data via the contact details provided in this section.
8.2. At the request of the Customer, the Service Provider shall provide information about the data processed by it, the purpose, legal basis and duration of the data processing, as well as who receives or has received their data. The Service Provider shall provide the requested information in writing within 30 days of the submission of the request.
8.3. The Customer may contact the Data Controller's employee with any questions or remarks related to data management via the above contact details. Mailing address: 1089.BUDAPEST VAJDA PÉTER STREET 43 / A FSZT / 6
8.4. The Customer has the right at any time to request the correction or deletion of incorrectly recorded data. Some of your data may be corrected by the Customer on the Website; in other cases the Service Provider will delete the data within 3 working days from the receipt of the request, in which case they will not be recoverable. The cancellation does not apply to the data processing required by law (eg accounting regulations), the Service Provider will keep them for the required period of time.
8.5. The customer can enforce his rights in court and also seek the assistance of the Data Protection Commissioner. Clients may apply to the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (221 Budapest, Nádor u. 22.) for the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority.
8.6. If the Customer has provided third party data during the registration for the use of the service or has caused any damage during the use of the Website, the Service Provider is entitled to enforce compensation against the Customer. In such a case, the Service Provider shall provide all possible assistance to the acting authorities in order to establish the identity of the infringing person. 9. Other provisions
9.1. The Service Provider's system may collect data on the activity of users, which cannot be linked to other data provided by users during registration, or to data generated when using other websites or services.
9.2. In all cases where the Service Provider wishes to use the provided data for a purpose other than the purpose of the original data collection, it shall inform the user thereof and obtain his or her prior express consent, or provide him or her with the opportunity to prohibit the use.
9.3. The Service Provider undertakes to ensure the security of the data and to take the technical measures to ensure that the recorded, stored and processed data are protected and to do everything possible to prevent their destruction, unauthorized use and unauthorized alteration. It also undertakes to call on any third party to whom the data may be transmitted or transferred to fulfill its obligations in this regard.
9.4. The Service Provider reserves the right to unilaterally amend these Regulations with prior notice to the Clients. After the entry into force of the amendment, the Customer accepts the provisions of the amended Regulations by implicitly using the service. The Data Controller acknowledges that the content of these regulations is binding on him / her and undertakes that his / her data management related to his / her service complies with the regulations set out in these regulations.